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Wandering Through The Natural State (Arkansas)

Whitaker Point Trail - Arkansas | EverWanderingWanderers

Arkansas is an often overlooked state, but when it comes to natural beauty it sure does win. We have spent a lot of time exploring the numerous national parks in Arkansas and still have quite a few more to explore. Here are some of our best photos, best stops and best recommendations for enjoying the natural side of Arkansas.

Devil's Den National Park 


Let me start off by saying that Devil's Den is a great getaway while you are in the Northwest Arkansas area. It's about 20 minutes south of the University of Arkansas, so it's quite convenient to access. However, the trails can often be packed as it is very popular in the area. 

We've completed each of the trails at Devil's Den...too many times to count. It's a gorgeous park with numerous trails and great photo ops. If you're looking for views of the water, that's easy to navigate, take the lake trail. You'll pass by the waterfall and it is roughly a 1-mile loop.

Depending on the time of year that you go the water can be quite sticking. The majority of these photos are from the Spring (May). 

If you're looking for more rocks, less water, and a little more difficulty then try out the Waterfall Trail. There is two waterfalls side by side, not quite twin as one is much smaller. Admittedly, it has been a few years since we have truly seen the larger one. 

The Smaller of the two Waterfalls

At the end of the Waterfall Trail, there is often a larger area for "community rocks".  Take a break from your hike, step on over to the side and spend some time putting together a rather intricate stack of rocks.

We got a bit creative with our "community rocks". 

Now, if you truly are not interested in the water, community rocks and want to get higher up for great photo opportunities, then Yellow Rock Trail is the route to go. My only warning: it's a very popular trail. Lot's of people travel this one and hang around Yellow Rock for the photos.

Getting up to the top still provides some great photo opportunities along the way.

Buffalo National River

Kate on Whitaker's Point | EverWanderingWanderers

One of my favorite hikes took place out at Whitaker's Point in the Buffalo National River. Getting to Whitaker's point is a bit of a pain because the sign from the road is quite small and can be missed, as evidenced by our failure to find the entrance for an entire day. The drive is quite steep but the hike, ah, it's not strenuous and offers the best view.

It remains one of my favorite places to pause, take in the beauty, and realize how truly small you are. 

Miscellaneous Locations 

We have enjoyed a lot of Arkansas and the remaining photos in this post are of miscellaneous stops we have had along our journeys from this trail to that one. 

Hopefully, this last one provides you with "inspiration" to consider Arkansas for a visit.