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How To Not Let the Weather Ruin Your Trip

Let's be honest, this sucks. You plan an awesome vacation to a destination that has been on your travel bucket list for quite some time and soon discover the weather is going to suck. In the days leading up to your trip you go through a few stages:

1. Denial - You continuously refresh your weather app (perhaps it has it wrong).
2. Anger - Great! Now the beautiful place We've been longing to see is not going to be as beautiful!!
3. Acceptance - Well, no backing out. Our flights and hotels are booked...we're going.

Now, a little back story. For quite some time now visiting Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada has long been on our travel bucket list. With the beautiful teal lakes, gorgeous mountains, and fresh air, who could not long for a trip to Banff? While staying with family in Idaho, we were asked how the weather was going to be up in Banff and if we needed coats. "Oh! I'm sure it will be just beautiful!" I said. And then Kyle checked the weather on his phone. Rain. Cold. What!? "Oh, I'm sure it will change over the next few days, we'll be fine!" I lied.

It rained. It was cloudy. It was gloomy. It was not the beautiful Banff in all of my pins on Pinterest! 

On our six hour drive up to Banff, we kept saying to each other "well, hopefully, this is all we have to deal with. HOPEFULLY, it will all clear out tomorrow for our hike!" 

It didn't. 

Sigh. We arrived at our first stop, Lake Louise. As we walked up to the lake, in the cold, drizzly, winter-like weather, I kept picturing how it looked on Pinterest. How beautiful it was and how disappointing to be standing here in the rain. Sigh. We only had one full day in Banff. Not seeing these sites was not an option. So, we started our hike up to a lookout over Lake Louise. 

On the long ascent up it was muddy, we were cold, and I kept trying to rationalize how it was okay and I should be thankful I'm here at least. But then I got angry and just as fast as I did I realized something very crucial:

You can't control the weather. What you can control is how you react to the weather and how you let it affect your trip. 

"Let's be honest...THIS SUCKS!" I said. It was then the entire hike turned around. Admitting and owning the terrible combination of bad weather and dream location helped us laugh, be honest and own the crap weather. It was then we made it to the overlook.

Here we were. Standing at Lake Louise. The weather sucked. It was cold. We were wet. But you know, we're here!

So here are our tips for not letting the weather ruin your trip:

  1. Don't dismiss it...OWN IT! - For the longest time during our trip, I kept wallowing in how disappointed I was and trying to rationalize how it was okay somehow. But once I admitted how the situation sucked, my entire mood turned around. So, be honest with yourself. At first, don't try to justify "well I'm thankful I'm here", start with the obvious: IT SUCKS. Yep. Say it as many times as you have to "THIS SUCKS!" Remember Alanis Morrissette - "it's like rain on your wedding day"? Yep. It's like rain on your dream vacation! In addition, to a sucky situation, it's just plain ironic. Once you own it, you'll be surprised how much it turns your mood around. 
  2. Laugh it off! - This ties in a lot with number 1. Laugh. Laugh as hard as you can. Let go of the stress and pressure to have an ideal vacation where the sun always shines and the temperature is always just right. 
  3. Don't be down too long - Staying upset or disappointed for too long can truly limit your outlook and enjoyment on the trip. Once I saw Lake Louise from the top of the outlook I took a deep breath and smiled. I was wet. I was cold. But damn it, I WAS HERE.
  4. Be Prepared - Lucky for us, we were staying with family in Idaho before our trip to Banff, so we borrowed jackets and umbrellas. Had we of not stayed with family before our trip, surely we would have packed a few items or would have bought some jackets and apparel in the area. In any case, had we of gone out in our planned hiking outfits (Nike everything - we're big fans of Nike - shameless plug: upcoming post on our tour of Nike World Campus soon!), we would have frozen, caught a cold and truthfully would not have been out as long. 

Have you experienced bad weather on any of your trips? What advice do you have or how did you overcome the disappointment? 


  1. LOVE THIS! My boyfriend and I made an impromptu day trip to Montenegro and he made the mistake of saying " I hope it rains"... And you know you always get what you wish for :) It was still a beautiful trip and I can tell yours was as well! Here's to the troopers.

    1. Why hello! I am sorry it took quite some time for me to respond to your comment on my "Bad Weather" post. I enjoyed the irony in your comment of your boyfriend jinxing the trip! That's always how it seems to go.